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Southern Tier Radio Theatre

Effective January 1st, 2009, this program will be known as The Upstate Radio Theatre.

Why the name change? Simple. We've added a few new affiliates since our debut, and may be adding more stations in the future. Because of this, I felt that it would be better to give the show a name that isn't so "region specific", yet, at the same time, still gives the indication to the listener that the program originates from New York state.

Other than the name change, nothing else about the show has changed. You will still hear an hour of classic radio shows every week, at the same times and stations that you're used to hearing us on.

For now, you can continue to download and listen to all our old shows on the internet archive. New Upstate Radio Theatre shows will be available for download for one week from their production date on our new website.

Thanks to everyone for their continued listenership and support in the new year

Jake Longwell

Click here to go to the Upstate Radio Theatre website
Click here to download old shows